Bienvenue au Cirque MonteCarlo en provenance de France.

Please Support Us

Please Support Us

Cirque MonteCarlo is still together waiting out the shelter in place as a family. Please help us be able to do this. All donations are be used for food, diesel for the generator, water supply and for the lot where we are staying. 

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Cirque MonteCarlo Tour USA 2020

Cirque MonteCarlo Tour USA 2020


About Cirque MonteCarlo


Our Legacy

In 1898 the Cavallini Clown Trio started in Florence, Italy. Since then the Cavallini Family has carried circus-life in their blood and continued to entertain audiences across Europe with its traditional style for generations. Establishing their first big top show in France and adopting the name Le Cirque des Cavallini, the Cavallini family is thrilled to introduce Cirque MonteCarlo to American audiences.


Coming to a New Continent

Five generations later, Cavallini Entertainment, LLC is bringing Cirque MonteCarlo to America to present true European-Style Circus. Bringing stunning acts and original music together to immerse the audience in the true European experience. This season of Cirque MonteCarlo will leave you feeling like you have traveled overseas with this unforgettable and breathtaking show. 


Our Season

Coming only to select cities in the U.S. for eight months in 2020. Stay tuned for our route. 


Cirque MonteCarlo in America

Cirque MonteCarlo will debut in 2020 for the first time in America. 

Immerse yourself in a whole new world.......Adventure awaits. 

Coming only to select cities in the U.S. for eight months in 2020.

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